1600 mm 3 & 5 ply corrugated paper board plant with E, B and C Flute Combination and maximum cutting size of 2800mm.

  1. Design speed:120 m/min
  2. Working width: 1600mm
  3. Maximum cutting size is 2800MM

lead edge 4 colour printing Rotary die cutting and creasing

  1. 4 colour Printing
  2. online rotary die cutting with creasing
  3. slotting with waste removal
  4. Auto Stacker
  5. speed of 10000 boards per hour.

Thin Blade cutting and creasing machine

Use and characteristic
  1. Pre-pressed paper feeding ensures the stable paper transmit
  2. Thin edge (about 1mm thickness) slitting with automatic and manual grindstone grinding to keep edge sharp and make slit paper smooth and tidy all times
  3. Press lines on slit pre-pressed paper board ensure the original lines without crack


  1. Speed of 10000 boxes per hour

Manual Die Punching